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A program for substance abuse practices, combining EHR and CRM features to meet industry needs.

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BestNotes offers a therapy notes software that simplifies your Addiction Treatment operations. Our combined EHR and CRM allows substance abuse practitioners to monitor business operations and patient care. With BestNotes, you can be confident that your addiction treatment records comply with CARF and JOINT COMMISSION standards. Our software provides excellent documentation and EHR features, allowing you to focus on helping your patients recover.

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Maximize time with patients by utilizing our secure cloud-based substance abuse system to streamline communication. BestNotes offers a practice management software to streamline workflows and enhance substance abuse treatment efficiency.

User-Friendly Design for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Programs

 Our treatment center software helps addiction treatment providers create personalized mental health treatment plans quickly and effectively. Trust us to support your practice with a solution tailored to medical records specific needs

Group Therapy Notes

Our EHR system makes group therapy documentation easier. Users can customize our templates for group or individual notes, making it simple to record interactions accurately.

Our interface is easy to use, helping you quickly find attendees with individual comments. Our platform also makes tracking group attendance easier, so you can keep accurate records.

Medication Management

Properly managing medication is important for treating substance abuse. Our EHR system helps providers with this task. Additionally, our substance abuse EHR platform offers (EPCS) services.

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As a member of the Electronic Health Record Association and HIMSS, BestNotes incorporates the highest industry standards for EHRs. Organizations of all sizes who specialize in addiction treatment and behavioral health love BestNotes.

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Clinical Documentation Expertise in All 50 States

BestNotes users can easily access clinical documentation. We regularly update the documentation to meet Joint Commission, CARF, state regulations, and UnitedHealth’s level of care guidelines.

Substance Abuse EMR Software

Initial Assessments

Initial assessments will gather data about your patient’s medical, social, and behavioral needs. This information will help you create personalized treatment plans.

Treatment Planning

After evaluating the patient, our software helps create a personalized treatment plan. It includes the patient’s diagnosis, medications, and goals. Our platform allows you to make effective treatment plans based on evidence, helping patients on their journey to recovery.

Progress Notes

With BestNotes EHR software, keeping track of your patients’ substance abuse progress notes has never been easier. Our platform provides comprehensive progress note templates designed to capture each patient’s history, exams, diagnoses, and clinical recommendations.

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  •  BestNotes is the only EHR with automatic updates to documentation. See how BestNotes saves you time and money with effective documentation.
  •  BestNotes includes 60+ Reports for managing all your work.

What are the Best EHR systems?

Capterra has ranked BestNotes among the Top 20 EHRs in 2022

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Learn why BestNotes is the best EHR for Substance Abuse.

Smoother Transitions

“BestNotes allows for you to easily send the links to clients. The screen share works smoothly.”
Laura D. CMHC, RPT-S

Great Experience

“We improved our workflow within our practice”.
Donte B. Executive Director

Dedicated Training & Support

Our team of experienced trainers will guide you through the training process to ensure you have all the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

– We offer ongoing support to help you troubleshoot any issues or answer any questions that may arise.

– With personalized attention and resources tailored to your needs, you can feel confident in your electronic health care system.

– Our commitment to your success means that we will be with you every step of the way