See your patients remotely and stay HIPAA Compliant with BestNotes.

Initiating a telehealth group therapy session in BestNotes - A depiction of the process of starting a group therapy session through telehealth within the BestNotes platform.

As therapists and clients across the US embrace the shift of telehealth as a new phase of behavioral health in the US, it is imperative for your behavioral health EHR to have an easy-to-use telehealth platform that keeps you connected with your clients. BestNotes EHR allows access to telehealth meetings with ease, so you can maintain critical contact with your clients.

BestNotes EHR is the preferred EHR for telehealth because our telehealth platform is built in, allowing you to streamline your telehealth visits. Therapists are able focus on their clients, without having to worry about staying HIPAA compliant or having multiple platforms running.

BestNotes makes it easy; automatically send telehealth meeting details from the appointment and begin the session with a click of a button.

Telehealth group therapy session in BestNotes - An image depicting a virtual group therapy session conducted through telehealth within the BestNotes platform.
Telehealth session notification email - An email alert confirming scheduling details, including time, date, and instructions, for an upcoming telehealth session

Your clients will be able to access telehealth appointments from the email that is automatically sent to them. Nothing to download and easy for clients to use.

Telehealth for Individual and Group Therapy

Having connections issues? Easily see clients’ internet signal strength to help them Clients complaining of a slow connection? BestNotes Telehealth shows the connection strength for each participant to show when the interte ????

Scheduled appointment in BestNotes EHR Software - A notation of a scheduled patient appointment within the BestNotes Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software interface.
A group session example within the bestnotes software

BestNotes telehealth works great for individual and group therapy. Add up to 50 participants in a single session and easily track attendance and record billing within seconds.

“As a counselor in private practice I had never used Telehealth for counseling prior to COVID. This was a new experience for myself and clients. The transition was seamless in getting myself and clients on boarded with the process. The accessibility to schedule and directly add the Telehealth function is intuitive for myself and clients.  The video and quality of streaming works great every time! I’m so grateful that I have this add on within BestNotes that meets confidentiality standards and I don’t have to worry about synching or scheduling with another program.”– Jaime G. LCSW

Telehealth meeting session - Image representing a virtual healthcare appointment, where a healthcare provider and a patient engage in a remote video consultation

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As a member of the Electronic Health Record Association and HIMSS, BestNotes incorporates the highest industry standards for EHRs. BestNotes is loved by organizations of all sizes who specialize in addiction treatment and behavioral health.

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Getting Reimbursed with Telehealth for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment

With the current COVID-19 crisis, telehealth payments may become permanent. BestNotes was developed specifically for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment providers to keep users compliant, so they can remain profitable.

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Send Outcome Surveys Remotely with BestNotes!

During the ongoing COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, more behavioral health providers are delivering services by using a variety of telehealth solutions. These services often include remote intake assessments and questionnaires to screen for suicide, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Graph and reporting image from OutcomeTools - An illustration depicting a visual graph and detailed report generated by OutcomeTools, presenting analyzed data and insights on outcomes

See all available questionnaires from BestNotes here:

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What are the Best EHR systems?

Capterra has ranked BestNotes among the Top 20 EHRs in 2022

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Smoother Transitions

“BestNotes allows for you to easily send the links to clients. The screen share works smoothly.”
Laura D. CMHC, RPT-S

Great Experience

“We improved our workflow within our practice”.
Donte B. Executive Director