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BestNotes Partners with ASAM

BestNotes users will be able to use ASAM CONTINUUM. ASAM CONTINUUM™ is a family of products that allows clinicians and non-clinicians to assess patients with addictive, substance-related and co-occurring conditions through computer-guided, structured interviews. Call us for more information!

date:  Oct 10, 2017
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Outcome Measures: A Joint Commission Requirement by January 2018

The Joint Commission has developed new requirements for organizations assessing patient outcomes. The Joint Commission has previously required assessments of outcomes of care, treatment, or services and will expand on those requirements by tracking those measures through the use of a standardized tool or instrument, by January 2018.
OutcomeTools provides public domain assessments for delivery and scoring to meet Joint Commission requirements. Tools such as PHQ-9, GAD-7, and Columbia Suicide Severity Rating scale (CSSRS) as well as other instruments, are available in the public domain and can be delivered electronically through OutcomeTools. Custom surveys can also be requested to add to a database. Full list of assessments can be found here:
OutcomeTools was created in response to challenges faced by members of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs in their efforts to perform outcomes research. The system is designed to simplify the administration process and increase response rates. Organizations use OutcomeTools to electronically administer, score, and report on many types of outcome measures provided by a growing list of copyright owners and open sources. The system provides real-time feedback to increase the engagement of participants and staff. Smart automation frees providers to focus on aligning participant responses with treatment and service plans.
OutcomeTools can be used as a stand-alone system or is integrated with BestNotes EHR/CRM. As a secure web-based application, OutcomeTools is an ideal mechanism for conducting large scale studies involving multiple organizations

date:  Oct 02, 2017
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BestNotes “Fresh”

On behalf of the BestNotes team, we would like to thank you for your business and continued support.  As a result of our 12 years of experience and customer feedback, we recognize it’s time for a new version of BestNotes and we want you to be the first to know about it.  In January 2017, we committed significant resources to the creation of a new version of BestNotes.  A dedicated team of designers and developers is harnessing advances in technology and the current healthcare environment to develop BestNotes “Fresh.”  Fresh is designed from the ground up to be a simple and intuitive tool that stays true to our mission to “help the helper.”  We expect to release our initial Beta in early 2018!

While Fresh is under construction, the development of our current “Classic” product will not stop!  We are releasing new features each month.  If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently released appointment reminders and a powerful integration with ASAM Continuum. Please stay tuned to our login screen to learn more about new developments each month.

We would love to hear your feedback on features most important to you.  Please email your thoughts to

date:  Jun 08, 2017
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Upcoming Conferences

BestNotes is looking forward to attending the following conferences in May:

33rd Annual Idaho Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependency

NAATP National Addiction Leadership Conference

date:  May 04, 2017
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Support Spot – February 2017

Recent Updates to BestNotes and Documentation

  • New Portal Account Password Requirements
  • New Ledger Settings

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Recent Common Tickets / Tips and Tricks

Q: How can a user manage ledger settings that are no longer in use?
Answer: New ledger setting features allow a user to Inactivate old Clinical Codes and create new ones in a new Category.

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Social Network Updates

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date:  Feb 27, 2017
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