Professional headshot of Dr. Brett Talbot, featuring a portrait photograph of Dr. Talbot, who holds a PhD.

Dr. Brett Talbot, PhD is a licensed psychologist and Co-founder at Videra Health (, a digital healthcare technology company. Prior, Dr. Talbot has been a Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Quality Officer, Executive Clinical Director, and Executive Director at behavioral healthcare organizations. He has worked clinically in several hospitals and residential care settings. Brett’s private practice has focused on behavioral health services, healthcare technology consultation, and he currently sits on several healthcare related advisory boards.

Brett’s research has focused on program design and effectiveness studies for behavioral healthcare, emphasizing the integration of specific interventions, progress monitoring, and long-term outcomes. Dr. Talbot has published various articles, been a guest editor for a scientific journal, has done editorial reviews for children’s healthcare books, and speaks nationally and internationally on many topics. Brett assists BestNotes with clinical quality assurance and cutting edge outcome tracking techniques.