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Support Spot – June 2015

Support Spot – June 2015

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Recent Updates to BestNotes and Documentation

You should see improvement in the performance of BestNotes. Several updates and server upgrades have been put in place this week. Additional updates will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks to continue to improve the responsiveness of BestNotes.

Please log out and back in to BestNotes to activate all the latest updates.

If you are still experiencing issues, you may need to do a profile reset (Click HERE).

Please see our documentation on how to do this or call us at 208.543.6646 for further assistance.


To view our BestNotes recent updates, Click HERE.


Recent Common Tickets

Q: A Note is displaying “Access Denied”?

  • A: When a BestNotes user has Saved a Note but clicked the red X and not the Close button on a Group Note or a Template, BestNotes locks that Note so only that user can unlock it.
  • For more documentation, Click HERE.

To view the BestNotes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Click HERE.


Tips & Tricks

Use Group Notes and the General Log tab to send documentation to multiple contacts. For example, if there is a deadline coming up:

  1. Create an appointment with a Group Note before the deadline
  2. Add a reminder
  3. Add each client, who is missing information, as a participant
  4. When the reminder notifies you, add or remove any participants from the appointment (You will not be able to remove them in the Group Note)
  5. Check-in the appointment and Begin the appointment to start the Group Note
  6. Copy and Paste or ask each participant what you need in the Group Note
  7. Add any signers necessary
  8. Save & Lock the Group Note
  9. After the Group Note has been signed
  10. Go to the General Log tab
  11. Find the Group Note
  12. Click on the Globe icon to send an individual note to each client or their designated related contact
  13. NOTE: The Portal will e-mail all the clients And/OR all their related contacts with the Web Portal relationship that there is a note for them on the Portal.


Welcome to BestNotes

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