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Support Spot – November 2016

Support Spot – November 2016

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Recent Updates to BestNotes and Documentation

  • ICD-10 2017 updates – BestNotes will be up-to-date with the current ICD-10 2017 codes.
  • Allergies tab – Users with the Allergies permission will be able to add Allergies directly in the Med/Clinical without DrFirst.
  • Consent Titles – Consent titles will display in a client’s Activity Log (Chart) and Portal.
  • Change the Date and Time that displays for a Med/Clinical snapshot on a client’s Activity Log (Chart).

View the BestNotes recent updates.


Recent Common Tickets / Tips and Tricks

Q: How can I accurately assign a document with the correct Time and Date on a client’s Activity Log (chart) or backdate?
Answer: (Both answers require BestNotes support to turn on)

  • Med/Clinical – In the Demographics section the Date and Time can be set.


  • Template / Note – When Notes are open and unlocked in a Client’s Activity Log (Chart), in the top left a user can change the date and time that will display on the Activity Log.

NOTE: Both types of documents still have a record of when they are logged to the BestNotes database.

View the BestNotes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


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