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Support Spot – October 2015

Support Spot – October 2015

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Recent Updates to BestNotes and Documentation

  • Advanced Contact Search on Search bar and in Contacts list (Dashboard button – lower left)
  • Tasks Dropdown allows you to jump / open a contact’s profile page by right-clicking on a task with a contact’s name.
  • Ledger Settings – SNOMED Field.

To view our BestNotes recent updates, Click HERE.


Recent Common Tickets

One of my users is reporting the Med/Clinical window -> Master Treatment Tx is not allowing them to change information.

  • Q: How did it get locked?
  • Answer: If the user copied and pasted any information into the Tx without using the Notepad, BestNotes is detecting other code that got copied and is locking from further edits

Q: What steps can I take to unlock it?


  1. Find clues to know where the issue is and delete similar boxes (e.g. different font than Aerial).
  2. NOTE: This information will need to be entered using the BestNotes Notepad (for more information, Click HERE).
  3. If you are not able to fix it yourself, please create a ticket on with the following: the client’s (patient’s) CID, the tab or document that is locked, and the last Field ID that can be edited.
  • Hover over the field, radio button, or text box to display the Field ID.


To view the BestNotes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Click HERE.


Tips & Tricks

Link contacts to the Portal:

  1. Each contact that will be using the portal needs to have an account on the Portal (for more information, Click HERE).
    • NOTE:  Each Related Contact will need the Web Portal Relationship (permission) checked, as well.
  2. Navigate to each of these portal contact’s details windows and click “Link” (blue, lower-right).
  3. Any item in the contact’s Activity Log with the Globe icon and these contacts selected will have those items visible on the portal.
    • NOTE: If a Client (Patient) does not have Related Contacts, then All Authorized will link to the Client.

To add another application or edit a previous application use Unlink:

  1. Navigate to each of these portal contact’s details window and click “Unlink” (blue, lower-right).
  2. When the application process is submitted again, Archive and Lock the application(s).
  3. Navigate to each of these portal contact’s details window and click “Link” (blue, lower-right).

For more information, Click HERE.


Welcome to BestNotes

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The Brookhaven Center for Counseling and Wellness
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Social Network Updates

Upcoming Conferences with a BestNotes Booth:

  • November 4-7:  IECA – Scottsdale, AZ (For more information, Click HERE)

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