BestNotes Common Pricing FAQs

BestNotes defines a user as any individual who accesses our platform for any purpose. It is important to note that all users, irrespective of their role, are charged the same price. However, it is strictly prohibited to have multiple employees use a single user account, as it is a violation of BestNotes’ Terms of Use and HIPAA regulations. We would like to remind our users that independent billing organizations can avail themselves of free user accounts

BestNotes offers a tiered pricing plan for its users. The first 10 users added to the account are charged at a rate of $57 per user, per month. Once the account reaches 11 users, any additional user (up to 100 users) is charged at a reduced rate of $22.50 per user, per month. For any user added from the 101st user on up, the rate drops even further to $11.50 per user, per month. For instance, a single user is charged $57 per month, while 10 users cost $570 per month. If 11 users are added, the total cost becomes $592.50 per month. Similarly, if the number of users reaches 100, the total cost becomes $2595 per month. To calculate your specific user cost, you can use the cost calculator on BestNotes’ pricing website.

BestNotes provides several options for payment, including ACH bank drafts that require bank account and routing numbers, credit cards, and debit cards. BestNotes does not accept checks or any other forms of payment. BestNotes also does not send invoices requesting payment, as your account is automatically charged on the first day of each month using the payment method on file. Additionally, all payment methods incur a non-refundable $100 set up fee when you officially subscribe to BestNotes. It is important to note that sales tax for software products like BestNotes may be charged by some US states.

BestNotes follows an arrears payment model where charges for the previous month’s users in the “active status” at any time are applied on the first day of each month . If there are no users in the “active status” during the previous month, BestNotes charges a $57 monthly fee until a user is added. It’s important to note that an “active status” user account exists, regardless of whether it was used or not. In the event that a user is deactivated during the month, the user will still be charged on the first day of the following month because they were in the “active status” at some point during that billing cycle. Once that billing cycle ends, the deactivated user will no longer be charged.

ASAM products and DrFirst e-Prescribing are paid upfront in full at the time of subscribing.

BestNotes does not offer a free trial. Alternatively, you can take advantage of unlimited product demonstrations with our sales department, no upfront fees upon subscribing, the month to month subscription contract, and no cancellation fees. These all provide you the opportunity to see and use BestNotes with minimal costs to you.

BestNotes does not offer non-profit pricing. If applicable to your organization, tax exemption is available by emailing your tax exempt information to

Our standard payment plan is based on a month-to-month contract, allowing you to easily adjust or cancel your subscription as needed. While our e-Prescribing and ASAM products require annual payments, all other user payments and additional services are paid on a monthly basis. We have designed our pricing structure to ensure that our customers have access to cost-effective solutions for our services. By choosing BestNotes, you can benefit from our commitment to providing you with high-quality products and services, all while enjoying the convenience and affordability of our monthly payment plan.

  • Importing client data
    $100 per hour and takes 1 to 2 hours on average for BestNotes staff to do the import (time involved is subject to change based on your specific situation). The cost appears on your upcoming monthly bill. The customer provides BestNotes a prepared spreadsheet (Excel or .CSV file) of all their clients’ demographic/contact information which minimizes the time BestNotes is involved in prepping the data for the import and reduces  your fee. BestNotes does not import client documents and notes. There is the option for you to manually upload client notes into the clients’ charts for no extra fee.
  • Set-up fee: BestNotes charges $100 for all database accounts
  • DSM-5-TR The $4 per user per month fee is a copyright fee required by the APA. Access is a separate monthly fee (not included in the base user cost). This feature is a user permission which you control.   
  • Insurance billing (outsourced vs in-house)
    Utilizing an independent, third party billing contractor to access your BestNotes to download claim information is free with BestNotes. Your biller will be required to complete a separate application with us to manage their user access but comes at no cost to them or you.
    In-house billing in BestNotes has no charge to build initial claims, but you will be required to adopt an integrated billing software to submit claims. Please review this website for more information.
  • Lab orders and results
    Typically there is no extra fee for this integration but it is possible that your lab company may charge you for the connection. Review this website for more information.
  • OutcomeTools is included with BestNotes. Some OutcomeTools questionnaires may have an additional fee while most are free to use. Questionnaires that are not currently available, and that you request to be built, are $150 each. The cost appears on your upcoming monthly bill.
  • DrFirst
    e-Prescribing with DrFirst is an annual fee that is paid upfront for the year. Please be aware that DrFirst does not allow refunds.
    PDMP with DrFirst (prescription drug monitoring program) is a $500 one time setup fee per clinic with an annual $50 fee per prescriber. Some states may subsidize the annual prescriber fee. See this website for more information.
  • ASAM Continuum ($504 per user per year) and ASAM Co-Triage ($144 per user per year) are paid upfront for the year. Please be aware that ASAM does not allow refunds.
  • Custom reports are built at $100 per hour, and the cost appears on your upcoming monthly bill. On average, most reports take around 1 to 2 hours to be built, but timing is subject to change depending on your specific situation. BestNotes already includes 80+ pre-built reports and a built-in report builder giving you the ability to create basic reports.
  • Appointment reminders are 5 cents per message and sent via text message and not email. The client can not cancel/reschedule through the text, but the client can confirm the appointment which updates your BestNotes calendar with that status.
  • Telehealth is 1 cent per minute per participant. The provider and the patient are both participants. Review this website for more information. BestNotes can not integrate with alternative telehealth services, however you can copy your meeting link and paste it into your BestNotes calendar which can be emailed to the patient for no extra fee. The telehealth link can also be included on an appointment text reminder for no extra fee.

In order to lower user costs and maintain a centralized source of information, it may be advantageous to store data for multiple locations or facilities in a single BestNotes database. However, if your company requires different branding or separate databases for each facility, this may not be the most effective solution. Ultimately, the decision of whether to use a single database or multiple databases for your organization requires careful consideration and a thorough understanding of your specific needs. We recommend having a conversation with our team to discuss your unique requirements and determine the most appropriate solution for your organization. By working together, we can ensure that your BestNotes setup is tailored to your organization’s needs and maximizes the benefits of our software.

Your designated System Administrator can simply cancel by following the instructions found in “Account Management” in BestNotes settings. When canceling, you’ll be asked how you want your data exported. You will have options to export the data for up to 3 months after cancellation before your BestNotes database is deleted. The option exists to pay $57 per month for one user indefinitely for an archived database that you can access at any time (if adding additional users then the pricing follows our normal user cost structure).