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Bestnotes Support

Bestnotes Support

BestNotes Training and Implementation

BestNotes is designed to be a collaborative tool where information and communication have a central location. The optimal use of BestNotes depends on implementation from each department and ‘buy-in’ from all users. With this in mind the following implementation strategies are recommended.


Training Mechanism

BestNotes staff use online virtual meeting software to remotely train and support BestNotes users. The software allows training staff to see and control the user’s computer screen (with permission) while talking with the user on the phone. Group trainings can be done in a room with a projector and speakerphone or by using a conference call number with users at various locations on their individual computers.

System Administrator Training

BestNotes training starts with a company-designated System Administrator. The Administrator’s responsibilities include creating users and defining restrictions. The Administrator should be someone comfortable with general computer software use, but no programming skills are needed.

Maven Training

Designated representatives from various departments receive training and help from BestNotes staff to add the company’s existing document templates, data collection forms and reports into the BestNotes system. They may also work with BestNotes staff to organize existing data for import into BestNotes. These representatives become what we call “BestNotes Mavens” (experts or connoisseurs). The Mavens collaborate with the System Administrator and other leadership to develop policies and procedures regarding the use of BestNotes in the organization. While BestNotes staff is responsible to train users in the functionality of BestNotes, Mavens and the System Administrator direct users on specific company policies and procedures with regard to the use of BestNotes (e.g. content of clinical notes; protocol for incident reporting; communication logging; access restrictions; etc.). Mavens should be selected individuals who are familiar with departmental needs, comfortable with computers, and enjoy communicating with others.

Group Training

Once the System Administrator has been trained and Mavens designated, group trainings can begin. The purpose of group trainings is to generally familiarize employees with BestNotes functionality. During group trainings there is instruction on how to log-in so that users can become familiar with the interface after the training. Group trainings can vary in number and are often done by department.

Individualized Training for all Users

After attending a group training users receive individualized training from BestNotes staff. Each user is given access to the BestNotes training team (direct numbers and emails), and should set up an appointment based on the user’s availability. Trainings are approximately 45 minutes in length. Ideally, the user has the BestNotes Client pre-installed on his/her computer and has logged in before the training call. The user then gives a brief overview of his/her role in the company and what objectives he/she has been asked to achieve in his/her position. This is the basis for a personalized training. BestNotes is a tool to help accomplish not only the user’s objectives but the mission of the company.

All users are given unlimited (M-F 8-5 MST) access to BestNotes staff for any additional training or help needed regarding the use of BestNotes. We understand the importance of each team member feeling ownership in the goals of the company, and we want to help facilitate that end.


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