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BestNotes Support

BestNotes Training and Implementation Process

What are the BestNotes hours of operation?

BestNotes is located in Idaho and available for training and support Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Time. An after-hours number is available to call for emergencies.

What happens immediately after I subscribe?

Within the same or next business day, your company will be emailed to schedule your first training. Zoom is used for training sessions.

Who needs to attend the first training session?

Key decision makers, including the person acting as your main system administrator, should attend. The training session typically lasts 1 hour.

What is covered in the first training session?

  • Meeting your BestNotes implementation specialist
  • Receiving access to your BestNotes database
  • Discussing your company needs and expectations
  • Planning your upcoming training schedule
  • Receiving guidance on the ready-to-use clinical documentation

How long does it take to learn BestNotes?

  • System administrators may require 5 to 7 hours of training on average. These training sessions are spread across multiple sessions.
  • Roles such as clinician, therapist, counselor, social worker, etc. need 1 hour of training on average.
  • Full company implementation can range 2 to 10 weeks based on the number of staff to be trained, customization and integration requests, etc
  • Individual and group training sessions are provided.

Do I receive continual training and support after implementation is completed?

Yes. After implementation, you will enjoy unlimited training and support. Our support teams are available via phone (866-543-6646 or email ( and will provide scheduled training sessions upon request.

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