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Each User: 1-10


Per Month

Each Additional User: 11-100


Per Month

First 10 users remain at $55/user 

Each Additional User: 101+


Per Month

Unlimited Data
Month to Month Contract
No Upfront Fees
Unlimited Training / Support

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Additional Services



with BestNotes Subscription

  • $110 per month without BestNotes
  • Unlimited Users
  • Additional $150 per customized Questionnaire
    outside of existing library



Per Provider / Year

  • Integrated with DrFirst
  • One-time, $150 initial setup fee per user



Per User / Month

  • Diagnosing clinicians, add $4 per clinician/month for DSM-5 copyright permission from American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Imports / Custom Reports


Per Hour

  • Initial import of patient demographics

ASAM Continuum


Per User / Year

ASAM CO-Triage


Per User / Year

Appointment Reminders

Per Message


Per Minute / Per Participant