Professional headshot of Jennifer Flowers from Accreditation Guru

Peggy Lavin, LCSW is the Director of Behavioral Health for Accreditation Guru, a national consulting firm dedicated to helping social service, behavioral health, and education organizations to successfully achieve and maintain national accreditation.  

Peggy’s expertise in accreditation is based on a background of having achieved and maintained accreditation for a national behavioral health care organization; past manager of The Joint Commission’s cadre of behavioral health care accreditation surveyors;  and, Associate Director of Behavioral Health Care Accreditation. Peggy’s clinical expertise is based on being a licensed clinical social worker in Illinois and her clinical work in a variety of behavioral health care settings and programs.

With her appointment to BestNotes Clinical Advisory Board, Peggy will share her insights and practical expertise on accreditation and clinical practices to help guide BestNotes in providing a solid foundation for compliance with accreditation requirements and sound clinical practices.