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Seven Mental Health Resolutions to Make in the New Year

Whether you love making New Year resolutions or think they’re overrated, the New Year is a good time to consider healthier habits. If you want to try building your mental health in 2022, here are some goals to consider.

1. Practice gratitude.

Gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving! Taking time to be grateful, even for the smallest things, can increase our overall happiness.

Try writing down three things to be grateful for when you get up in the morning. Alternatively, write down three things that went well at the end of the day. Consider simple things you might overlook—for example, if you got home from work safely.

2. Set and maintain healthy boundaries.

Good boundaries are an important part of healthy, fulfilling relationships. They set an appropriate, secure division between one person and another.

Poor boundaries can cause emotional exhaustion, stress, and strained relationships. Learning to set and keep good boundaries with clients, coworkers, and loved ones could benefit your overall wellbeing.

3. Spend more time in nature.

A growing body of research has found that time spent outdoors, especially in green spaces, can help reduce stress and improve cognitive function. Look for ways to spend more time outdoors in 2022, whether you have to bundle up to build a snowman, or take a lunch break in the park.

4. Get more physically active.

What New Year resolution list would be complete without “Exercise more”? While many people exercise as part of a weight-loss goal, you can benefit mentally even if you don’t lose an ounce. Exercise has been linked to reduced depression, lower stress, and improved self-image.

Of course, you don’t have to go outside to exercise. A gym or YMCA can help you get moving even in the coldest, darkest months. Even a quick walk around your office is better than nothing!

5. Cut back on sugar.

Just like exercise, reducing your sugar consumption can benefit your mind as well as your waistline. One 2017 study found a correlation between high sugar intake and risk of common mental disorders in men. And older study found a link between refined sugar consumption and schizophrenia outcomes.

Avoid products with a lot of added sugar, such as snack crackers and salad dressings. Swap sugary foods with lower-sugar options. Limit your consumption of candy, baked goods, and fruit juices.

6. Sleep better at night.

It’s hard to accomplish much on insufficient sleep. Insomnia and fatigue can increase stress and harm our mental and physical wellbeing.

Building better sleep habits night might be the most important New Year resolution you could make. Limit light exposure in the evening and stick to a regular bedtime. Keep your bedroom cool, stop using screens once you get into bed, and avoid alcohol and caffeine a few hours before bedtime. This can help regulate your circadian rhythm and get your sleep schedule on track.

7. Cut yourself some slack.

Even small resolutions can be tricky to keep. Maybe all you need to do this year is go easy on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, and you may not always meet your goals. Learn from your mistakes, keep moving forward, and show yourself compassion.

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date:  Jan 03, 2022
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