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Named Top Ten in Best Places to Work in Idaho!

Named Top Ten in Best Places to Work in Idaho!

posted by: Nicole Hovey date: Mar 19, 2018 category: Blog comments: Comments Off on Named Top Ten in Best Places to Work in Idaho!

BestNotes is proud to have been named in The Top Ten Places to Work in Idaho.

As BestNotes pursues to “help the helper”, we have created a culture designed around three core values for our industry: Transparency, Empathy, and Creativity

BestNotes, as an innovative technology company, provides our employees with a mission-driven workplace, transparent leadership, and prides its technology on impacting the lives of millions of people nationwide. BestNotes encourages our employees to provide their feedback and values individualistic experience from the staff to have a significant and direct impact on the business and the company’s success. BestNotes aims to make each employee feel valued and secure. BestNotes invests in employee development, not only as an employee but to be the best persons they can be. Employees are often encouraged to share input and feedback because BestNotes understands the significant value and impact it has on the company’s success, and as a result, the industry. We are grateful to our customers, who have made our spot in the industry possible.


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